Indicium International

Intelligence Solutions

Our innovative MI7™ Platform is a true asset to the business world; it is much more than just a standard CRM system, it connects information in 3D, automatically taking information from the internet without manual labor and allowing for this information to be shared among the users, increasing internal collaboration. MI7™ can be described as a true intelligence/knowledge platform! Or in other words becoming your Company's Brain!

MI7™ Platform is listed as key innovation for the Dutch and international business society by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and LIOF, the Regional Investment Bank of the Province of Limburg. We offer key turn solutions for every customer.

MI7™ originates it’s name from UK’s MI5 and MI6, however especially from the concept & insights of Winston Churchill’s War Rooms and Mapping Room during WWII. MI7™ might be seen as your organization’s virtual Mapping Room, your Company Radar or Company Sensor to identify in time the changes of the dynamics in the periphery of your company. The focus of MI7™ is similar to Porter’s Five Driving Forces of Change: markets – customers – competitors – technologies – legislation, covering at least 90% of all changes organizations daily face. Want to know more? Click here!